The number of casinos starting to support Bitcoin technology is increasing day by day. So, what is Bitcoin? How does it work? In its simplest form, Bitcoin (BTC) is a currency. But unlike physical currencies, it’s digital and encrypted. It is stored on computers, not on banks. Take note that we said “computers”, because it’s a huge database is stored on thousands of computers at the same time, not just one PC. For the same reason, hacking is not possible as the system is not controlled from a central location. Bitcoin has many advantages: Nobody knows how much money you have in the blockchain. It allows you to receive and send money anonymously. The process time is measured by seconds, and you do not need to pay any commissions. Since it cannot be controlled by governments and banks, you do not have to deal with tax problems too.

But most importantly, it is a system that cannot be “banned”. The country you live in may have banned some electronic wallet services. For example, there are dozens of countries where PayPal does not work. However, banning BTC is not possible unless you take down the whole internet. Because it’s the same value everywhere in the world, you can buy and sell your BTC anywhere you like and convert it to the currency you want. For these reasons, BTC (and other encrypted electronic currencies) are attracting more and more attention from online casinos. Since you can deactivate banks and other intermediary institutions, all transfers can be done quickly and cost-effectively. That’s not all: Specific BTC slot machines and other casino games are also available. In this article, we will talk about both, and we will especially refer to Playtech Bitcoin slots games.

Features of Playtech Bitcoin Online Games

Playtech is one of the biggest game developers in the industry and has proven itself especially in terms of slot machines. First, we need to fix a misinformation: No game developer, including Playtech, design games for a specific currency. So there is no connection between games and currencies: Games are designed to be played with any exchange. As a result, Playtech does not develop special games for BTC. However, it is possible to play Playtech games using BTC at the casinos that support this technology.

Hence, what you need to do is find online casinos that offer Bitcoin support. If these casinos also offer the Playtech collection, you can play all Playtech games using BTC. You can find a list of casinos that offer Bitcoin and Playtech support together on our website and read our reviews to choose the best ones. As we mentioned above, it is also possible to get various advantages by choosing Bitcoin too.

Benefits of Playtech Bitcoin Slots

The descriptions below do not only apply to Playtech slot machines. They are valid for all casino games with Bitcoin support and for all companies. This is due to the working principles of the BTC system. If a website offers this support, you can play some games using a system called “fairness check”. This system allows you to control RTP rates yourself. Do you want to make sure a casino is not cheating? Could you be sure that your chances of winning after you click on the spin button or place the bet on a blackjack table do not change? The fairness check system allows this. Simply put, players and casino computers share an encrypted code before the RNG system goes into effect. This code shows that the RNG values ​​are random. After playing the game/round, you can check the codes mutually and make sure that there is no gimmick. The system is simple and allows you to easily determine what your chances of winning really are. In addition, the BTC casinos offer the following benefits:

  • Anonymity. You do not have to share your personal and financial information with the casino. Bitcoin is an anonymous system, and the receiver and sender information are always hidden. It is also possible to get a higher level of security too. If you are concerned about your credit card information being stolen, use BTC.
  • Speed. BTC money transfers are completed in a few seconds. Since there is no intermediary institution, your money does not have to wait. You can send and receive money at the same rate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • No Fees. “No banks” mean you do not have to pay commission to anyone. Bitcoin is a free system, and you do not have to pay extra fees to anyone.

We can even say that other electronic currencies (ethereum, dogecoin, etc.) have become widespread as much as BTC. Whether Playtech or any other company, you can take advantage of Bitcoin as long as online casinos support this technology. Even some bonus campaigns for this payment method are arranged in some places. We recommend that you follow our website to be aware of these campaigns as well as newest Playtech Bitcoin online slots machines. We review and rate dozens of different websites every week for you. Our list of best online casinos is made up only of places that have received a full score from us.

Best Playtech Casinos
Casino Bonus Play
PokerStars Casino Welcome Bonus up to $1500 Play now
ComeOn Casino 100% up to €25 Play now
Grosvenor Casinos 100% up to £200 Play now
Europa Casino 100% up to 2400€ Play now
BGO Casino 100% up to £220 Play now
LeoVegas Casino $1000 Welcome Bonus + 222 FS Play now
Thrills Casino Welcome Package - €400 + 20 SUPER SPINS Play now
Mr Green Casino 100% up to £100 + 10 Free Spins Play now

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