Playtech is one of the biggest providers of free and real money gambling on the internet. The company develops its slots and other games with compatibility with several online money transfer modes to facilitate the latter option. Playtech has invested in maintaining its widespread and reputable status by partnering with some of the most reliable cashier options, and some of them are assessed in this guide:


PayPal is one of the biggest online money transfer modes with operations panning out over two hundred and two countries across the globe. This company was first established in 1998 and worked as a private firm for four years. In 2002, PayPal was traded and fully acquired by eBay, an online marketplace. Even as a subsidiary of eBay, this cashier method was still able to service other markets, thus its adoption in online casinos. In 2015, eBay decided to let PayPal operate as an independent entity, which led to its expansion into even more sectors.

PayPal has numerous advantages for Playtech gamblers to exploit, one of them being secure money transfer. When making transactions with online casinos, PayPal does not reveal their users’ information to the casino, which keeps them safe in case the establishment is breached. The payment method also supports numerous common currencies, which makes it easier for users in varying regions. For those whose currency is not included, they can make use of the currency conversion services.


Neteller opened its doors in 1999 in Canada, making it among the first cashier options to offers money transfer services on the internet. The payment method started transacting cash in the casino business in 2000, and soon it was processing more than eighty-five percent of the gambling transactions made in North America. Neteller depended heavily on this industry seeing that it generated about ninety-five percent of their revenue.

Currently, Neteller is run by the Paysafe Group, one of the biggest money moving companies in Europe ahead of most credit card firms. The cashier option’s headquarters have since been moved to the Isle of Man. One of the biggest upsides of Neteller is its multilingual feature that supports fifteen popular jargons like English, German, French, Spanish, and many others. This feature makes it easy for Playtech players in varying jurisdictions to use their services without a language barrier.


Skrill, which previously went by the name Moneybookers, is an online cashier option that is mainly focused on the transfer of small amounts of cash. The firm is based in the United Kingdom and came to rise in 2001. Skrill has since risen to become the biggest money transfer business across Europe, which is facilitated by its license from the European Union. Skrill is owned and run by Paysafe Group, the same company responsible for Neteller. On its own, Skrill has also acquired several agencies, one of the main ones being Paysafecard, also a cash transfer option. In 2015, this payment method acquired Ukash, which is a popular inclusion in most online gambling destinations. As of the moment, Skrill boasts an average revenue generation of over three hundred and thirty-one million dollars and over seven hundred employees in its offices across the globe.

Skrill accepts some of the major global currencies, which has made it a prime option to use in Playtech games. Skrill users can also get a prepaid card that is linked to their account to make transactions easier. A VIP scheme is also in place to give premium members some special treats such as the provision of user points and security tokens. VIP members also have the freedom to open multicurrency card accounts, which is not offered for ordinary Skrill members.